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Sustainable Securities

Are you looking for more transparency in your financial investment regarding social and ecological responsibility? This separate section of provides you with comprehensible criteria. More

ESG Reporting 2016

ESG Berichterstattung

Within the Deutsche Börse Group’s transparency initiative all DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TechDAX companies inform on ESG reporting channels. More

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Triodos gewinnt zwei BankingCheck Awards

Important sustainability indices

Name Prev. Day Last Price
DAXglobal Sarasin Sustainability Germany Index EUR
0,03% 2,143.93
STOXX+ ESG Global Index (Gross Return) (EUR)
-0,83% 186.80
STOXX+ ESG Global Environmental Index
-0,75% 198.16
EURO STOXX Sustain 40
0,00% -