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20/03/2017 08:28:11
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Börse Frankfurt News

MLP AG will replace GfK SE in SDAX

As of 22 March MLP AG will be included in SDAX, substituting GfK SE, which has to leave the index as a result of to little free float.
20 March 2017. FRANKFURT (Deutsche Börse). On Friday, Deutsche Börse announced an unscheduled change to the SDAX Index. The shares of MLP AG will replace the shares of GfK SE. Due to the acquisition of GfK SE by Acceleratio Capital N.V., the free float of GfK SE changed again and dropped to 3.34 %.

With a free float below 10 percent, the company is ineligible for index inclusion, according to the rules in the Guide to the Equity Indices of Deutsche Börse AG. The change will become effective on 22 March 2017.

The next scheduled index review is 5 June 2017.

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