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Sustainable bond investments

Segment for green bonds
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The segment bundles all bonds included in trading on the Frankfurt stock exchange that meet the Green Bond Principles of the International Capital Markets Association.

Green bonds are bonds whose issue proceeds are used to finance environment-related projects. In addition to banks, they are also issued by corporations and governments. There are no legal regulations regarding classification, but private initiatives have set standards for market transparency in order to ensure the sustainable quality of the bonds.  

The Green Bond segment on Börse Frankfurt bundles bonds that meet the Green Bond Principles of the International Capital Markets Association. These guidelines relate to the use of the bond volume, the project selection process, management and ongoing reporting.  

The bonds are listed on various European stock exchanges and included in trading in Frankfurt. 

Around 150 bonds on Börse Frankfurt currently meet these criteria. 

Name ISIN Issuer
Eib Green Bond Tf 0,5% Nv23 EUR XS1280834992 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 1,25% Nv26 Eur XS1107718279 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 2,125% Ap 26 Usd US298785HD17 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 0,5% Nv23 EUR US298785GQ39 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 2,75% Nv23 Sek XS0852107266 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 3% Ap19 Sek XS0773059042 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 8,5% Mz19 Try XS1198278175 European Investment Bank
Poland Green Bond Tf 0,5% Dc21 Eur XS1536786939 Republic of Poland
Eib Green Bond Tf 0,5% Lg22 Sek XS1551293019 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 1,25% Nv20 Cad XS1314336204 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 1,5% Mz27 Sek XS1572222526 European Investment Bank
Eib Green Bond Tf 1,5% Nv47 Eur XS1641457277 European Investment Bank
KfW Green Bond Tf 1,625% Gn20 Gbp XS1268337844 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
World Bank Green Bond Tf 11,75% Nv20 Brl XS1315186921 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Belgium Green Bond Tf 1,25% Ap33 Eur BE0000346552 Kingdom of Belgium
Eib Green Bond Tf 2,875% Gn25 Usd XS1811852109 European Investment Bank
KfW Green Bond Tf 1,75% Ot19 Usd US500769GF56 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
KfW Green Bond Tf 0,75% At64 Usd US500769GU24 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
KfW Green Bond Tf 2% St22 Usd US500769HP20 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Poland Green Bond Tf 1,125% Ag26 Eur XS1766612672 Republic of Poland
Kommunalbanken AS 15/25 2,125% USD XS1188118100 Kommunalbanken Norge
Spb 1 Boligkredi AS 18/25 0,50% EUR COVD XS1760129608 Sparebank 1 Boligkreditt
EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT 0.875% GLBL NTS 22/07/19 US29874QCW24 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
UNILEVER PLC 2.00% NTS 19/12/18 XS1048655184 Unilever plc
CITY OF GOTEBORG 2.000% NTS 03/06/20 XS1073488675 City of Goteborg
SSE PLC 0.875% NTS DUE 06/09/25 XS1676952481 SSE plc
FIRST ABU DHABI BANK P.J.S.C. 3.00% NTS 30/03/22 XS1587035996 First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION 2.125% NTS 07/04/26 US45950VHX73 International Finance Corporation
NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK 0.375% NTS 19/09/22 XS1292474282 Nordic Investment Bank
BARCLAYS PLC 0.625% RESET NTS 14/11/2023 XS1716820029 Barclays plc
NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK 0.448% NTS DUE 29/08/22 XS1673097637 Nordic Investment Bank
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION 4.75% NTS 29/04/21 XS1402169848 International Finance Corporation
DEVELOPMENT BANK OF JAPAN INC. 0.375% NTS 21/10/19 XS1309485701 Development Bank of Japan Inc.
NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK 0.125% NTS 10/06/24 XS1431730388 Nordic Investment Bank
TRANSPORT FOR LONDON 2.125% NTS 24/04/25 XS1222743061 Transport for London
RENEWI PLC 3.65% GRNT NTS 16/06/22 XS1238024035 Renewi plc
NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK 0.155% NTS 23/04/20 XS1222727536 Nordic Investment Bank
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION 1.250% NOTES 27/11/18 US45950VHE92 International Finance Corporation
INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CORPORATION 1.250% NTS 15/12/2023 XS1854000343 International Finance Corporation
WESTPAC BANKING CORPORATION 0.625% INST 22/11/24 XS1722859532 Westpac Banking Corporation
MUNICIPALITY FINANCE PLC 0.750% GRNTD NTS DUE 07/09/27 XS1692485912 Municipality Finance plc
EUROPEAN BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT 1.875% ENV SUST GLBL NTS 15/07/21 US29874QDG64 European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
NORDIC INVESTMENT BANK 0.50% NTS 03/11/25 XS1815070633 Nordic Investment Bank
ORSTED A/S 1.500% NTS 26/11/29 XS1721760541 Orsted A-S
BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA ARGENTARIA S.A. 1.375% SNR NON-PREF GREEN NTS 14/05/25 XS1820037270 Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A.
FINGRID OYJ 1.125% NTS 23/11/27 XS1722899918 Fingrid Oyj
SSE PLC 1.375% NTS 04/09/27 XS1875284702 SSE plc
TOYOTA MOTOR CREDIT CORPORATION 0.000% NTS 21/07/21 XS1720639779 Toyota Motor Credit Corporation
LietuvosEnergij 1,875% 10/07/2028 XS1853999313 Lietuvos energija UAB
QuebecPr 2,63% 06/07/2025 CA748148RX35 Province of Quebec
RaiffeisenBkInt 0,25% 05/07/2021 XS1852213930 Raiffeisen Bank International AG
NRWBank 0,75% 30/06/2028 DE000NWB0AF3 NRW.BANK
IberdrolaFinanz 1,25% 28/10/2026 XS1847692636 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
BEI 1,125% 15/11/2032 XS1828046570 Banque européenne d'investissement
DeutHypBk 0,125% 23/11/2023 DE000DHY4887 Deutsche Hypothekenbank (AG)
PrologisIntFull 1,75% 15/03/2028 Reg S XS1789176846 ProLogis International Funding II S.A.
QuebecPr 2,45% 01/03/2023 CA748148BY81 Province of Quebec
KfWA 1,375% 02/02/2028 XS1764081110 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
KfWA 0,46% 23/01/2023 XS1756683659 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
BEI 2,375% 18/01/2023 Reg S XS1751357077 Banque européenne d'investissement
EnelFInt 1,125% 16/09/2026 XS1750986744 ENEL Finance International N.V.
LBBadenWürt 0,2% 13/12/2021 DE000LB1M214 Landesbank Baden-Württemberg
ORSTED A/S 2,25% 24/11/3017 XS1720192696 Orsted A-S
NedWaterBank 2,125% 15/11/2021 Reg S XS1716989287 Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V.
NaturgyFin 0,875% 15/05/2025 XS1718393439 Naturgy Finance B.V.
IberdrolaFinanz 1,25% 13/09/2027 XS1682538183 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
NRWBank 0,5% 13/09/2027 DE000NWB0AE6 NRW.BANK
ExpDevCanada 1,8% 01/09/2022 CA30216BGV86 Export Development Canada
ADB 1,875% 10/08/2022 US045167EB56 Asian Development Bank ADB
BEI 3,3% 03/02/2028 AU3CB0245884 Banque européenne d'investissement
LietuvosEnergij 2% 14/07/2027 XS1646530565 Lietuvos energija UAB
NordeaBank 0,3% 30/06/2022 XS1640493372 Nordea Bank ABP
ExpDevCanada 1,625% 01/06/2020 US30216BGU08 Export Development Canada
BEI 2,375% 24/05/2027 US298785HM16 Banque européenne d'investissement
ADB 6% 24/02/2021 XS1618178567 Asian Development Bank
KfWA 0,25% 30/06/2025 XS1612940558 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
BcNacDesenvo 4,75 09/05/2024 Reg S USP14486AM92 Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Economico e Social
IberdrolaFinanz 1% 07/03/2025 XS1575444622 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
EnelFInt 1% 16/09/2024 XS1550149204 ENEL Finance International N.V.
IberdrolaFinanz 1% 07/03/2024 XS1527758145 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
KfWA 2% 30/11/2021 US500769HD99 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
NRWBank 0,375% 17/11/2026 DE000NWB0AD8 NRW.BANK
SuzanoAustria 5,75% 14/07/2026 Reg S USA9890AAA81 Suzano Austria GmbH
NRWBank 0,25% 05/11/2018 DE000NWB0AB2 NRW.BANK
NRWBank 0,875% 10/11/2025 DE000NWB0AC0 NRW.BANK
BEI 0,5% 13/11/2037 XS1500338618 Banque européenne d'investissement
BEI 1,125% 16/09/2021 Reg S XS1490971634 Banque européenne d'investissement
IberdrolaIntl 0,375% 15/09/2025 XS1490726590 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
ADB 1,75% 14/08/2026 US045167DR18 Asian Development Bank
ADB 1% 16/08/2019 US045167DQ35 Asian Development Bank
BkChina 1,875% 12/07/2019 XS1437622548 Bank of China
BkChina FRN 12/07/2019 XS1437622621 Bank of China
BkChina 0,75% 12/07/2021 XS1437623355 Bank of China
BkChina 2,25% 12/07/2021 XS1437622977 Bank of China
KfWA 0,05% 30/05/2024 XS1414146669 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
IberdrolaIntl 1,125% 21,04/2026 XS1398476793 Iberdrola Finanzas S.A.U.
NedWaterBank 2,375% 24/03/2026 XS1386139841 Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V.
Ontario 1,95% 27/01/2023 CA68323ADL58 Province of Ontario
KfWA 0,5% 27/01/2021 XS1351716896 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
ExpDevCanada 1,25% 10/12/2018 US30216BFY39 Export Development Canada
KfWA 0,125% 27/10/2020 XS1311459694 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
Brf 2,75% 03/06/2022 Reg S XS1242327168 BRF S.A.
WorldBk 5,25% 18/05/2025 XS1233786950 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
UnibailRodamco 1% 14/03/2025 XS1218319702 Unibail-Rodamco SE
ADB 2,125% 19/03/2025 US045167CY77 Asian Development Bank
VestasWindSyst 2,75% 11/03/2022 XS1197336263 Vestas Wind Systems AS
WorldBk 8,25% 04/03/2022 XS1198022706 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
WorldBk 2,125 03/03/2025 US45905URL07 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Verbund 1,5% 20/11/2024 XS1140300663 Verbund AG
WorldBk 1,375% 23/06/2019 XS1078475024 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
NIB 2,25% 30/09/2021 US65562QAW50 Nordic Investment Bank
KfWA 0,375% 22/07/2019 XS1087815483 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
NedWaterBank 0,625% 03/07/2019 XS1083955911 Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V.
WorldBk 3,5% 29/04/2019 AU3CB0220424 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
BEI 2,25% 07/03/2020 XS1051861851 Banque européenne d'investissement
UnibailRodamco 2,5% 26/02/2024 XS1038708522 Unibail-Rodamco SE
BEI 1,175% 15/11/2019 LU0953782009 Banque européenne d'investissement
WorldBk 6,75% 20/06/2023 XS0945575347 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
WorldBk 7% 07/06/2023 XS0941866252 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
WorldBk 6,5% 26/07/2019 XS0809448375 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
WorldBk 7,5% 05/03/2020 XS0490347415 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
IFC 2% 24/10/2022 US45950VLH77 International Finance Corporation
Eib Sustainable Zf 0,375 Mz22 Eur XS1271698612 European Investment Bank
DZBank 0,5% 02/10/2023 DE000DDA0NB1 Deutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (DZ Bank AG)
ADB 3,125% 26/09/2028 US045167EJ82 Asian Development Bank
DeutHypBk 0,25% 10/12/2024 DE000DHY4994 Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG
ADB 2,375% 10/08/2027 US045167EC30 Asian Development Bank
Kommunekredit 0,75% 18/05/2027 XS1622415674 Kommunekredit
CoöpRabo 0,125% 11/10/2021 XS1502438820 Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A.
NedWaterBank 1% 03/09/2025 XS1284550941 Nederlandse Waterschapsbank N.V.
NatlAustraliaBk 0,35% 07/09/2022 XS1575474371 National Australia Bank Limited
IberdrolaIntl 1,875% pp XS1721244371 Iberdrola International B.V.
BEI 2,7% 12/01/2023 AU3CB0249787 Banque européenne d'investissement
IberdorlaIntl 2,625% pp XS1797138960 Iberdrola International B.V.
Kommunekredit 0,75% 05/07/2028 XS1851226891 Kommunekredit
Eib Sustainable Tf 1% Mz31 Eur XS1183208328 European Investment Bank
Eib Sustainable Tf 1% St45 Eur XS1107247725 European Investment Bank
EnBWIntlFin 1,875% 31/10/2033 XS1897340854 Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW)
EnBWIntlFin 1,875% 31/10/2033 XS1901055472 EnBW International Finance B.V.
PrologisIntFull 2,375% 14/11/2030 XS1904690341 Prologis International Funding II S.A.
IndBK FRN 20/11/2021 XS1898123374 Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.
AgrDevBofChina FRN 26/11/2021 XS1901209376 Agricultural Development Bank of China
AfDB 3% 06/12/2021 US00828EDF34 African Development Bank
Ald 1,25% 11/10/2022 XS1892240281 Ald
EnelFlnt 1,5% 21/07/2025 XS1937665955 Enel Finance International N.V.
EUROFIMA 0.25% INST 09/02/24 XS1919899960 EUROFIMA
IberdrolaIntl 2,5% 24/10/2022 XS1057055060 Iberdrola International B.V.
Citigroup 0,5% 29/01/2022 XS1939355753 Citigroup Inc.
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