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Deutsche Bank AG Deutsche Bank share
ISIN DE0005140008 | WKN 514000 | symbol DBK | Type share


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Change from Prev. Day 0.01 EUR / 0.07%
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Price Information

Last Price
Date / Time 21/02/2017 / 08:04
Volume in euro 8,182
Price 1
Previous Close 18.50
Change abs. 0.01
Volume Size 442
Daily low/high 18.512 / 18.512
52 weeks low/high 9.908 / 19.947
Trading Hours 08:00 - 20:00
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Tick Data Deutsche Bank

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An dieser Stelle sind allgemeine Informationen veröffentlicht sowie Angaben, die Folgepflichten des Unternehmens im Rahmen der Zugehörigkeit zu einem Transparenzstandard an der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse darstellen. Diese Pflichtangaben sind mit einem Stern gekennzeichnet. Welche Angaben je nach Transparenzstandard und Assetklasse erforderlich sind, können Sie auf ersehen.

About the Company

Deutsche Bank is a leading global universal bank. Its businesses encompass a wide range of products and services in investment, corporate and retail banking as well as in asset and wealth management. The Group operates in all regions of the world. We are the leader in our German home market and enjoy an outstanding position in Europe. We also have a strong competitive position in North America as well as in key emerging markets, particularly in Asia. The Group is backed by strong capital and liquidity funding. Deutsche Bank comprises five corporate divisions: Corporate Banking & Securities (CB&S), Global Transaction Banking (GTB), Asset & Wealth Management (AWM), Private & Business Clients (PBC) and the Non-Core Operations Unit (NCOU).
The prime responsibilities of the Management Board of Deutsche Bank AG include the Group's strategic management, resource allocation, financial accounting and reporting, risk management and corporate control. The Management Board is supported in the performance of its leadership and oversight duties by central infrastructure units and other service departments, as well as functional committees chaired by its members.


Address Deutsche Bank AG
Taunusanlage 12
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49 (0)69 910-00
Fax +49 (0) 69 910-34225

Corporate Information

Established 1870
Transparency Standard Prime Standard
Admission Segment Regulated Market
End of Business Year 31/12/
Accounting Standard IFRS
Registered Capital € 3,530,939,215.36
Admission Date 30.05.1870
Executive Board John Cryan (Chairman), Stuart Lewis (Chief Risk Officer), Garth Ritchie (Head of Global Markets), Dr. Marcus Schenck (Chief Financial Officer), Christian Sewing (Head of Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients), Sylvie Matherat (Chief Regulatory Officer), Nicolas Moreau (Head of Deutsche Asset Management), Karl von Rohr (Chief Administrative Officer), Jeff Urwin (Head of Corporate and Investment Banking), Kim Hammonds (Chief Operating Officer), Werner Steinmüller (Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific)
Supervisory Board Dr. Paul Achleitner (Chairman), Stefan Rudschäfski* (Deputy Chairman), Wolfgang Böhr, Frank Bsirske*, Dina Dublon, Jan Duscheck, Katherine Garrett-Cox, Timo Heider*, Sabine Irrgang*, Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann, Martina Klee*, Peter Löscher, Henriette Mark*, Richard Meddings, Louise M. Parent, Gabriele Platscher*, Bernd Rose*, Prof. Dr. Stefan Simon, Dr. Johannes Teyssen, Prof. Dr. Klaus Rüdiger Trützschler
*Employee representative
Applicant -
Listing Partner -

Company profile *

No data available

Shareholder structure Registered shares without par value ISIN DE0005140008

Shareholder Current Shares in %
BlackRock Inc. 6.01
Paramount Services Holdings Ltd. 3.05


Last Dividend Payment Dividend Cycle Value ISIN
22.05.2015 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
23.05.2014 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
24.05.2013 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
01.06.2012 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
27.05.2011 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
28.05.2010 Annually € 0.75 DE0005140008
27.05.2009 Annually € 0.50 DE0005140008

Company Events *

Date / Time Title Location
17/03/2017 Publication Annual Financial Report -
27/04/2017 Publication Quarterly Financial Report (call-date Q1) -
18/05/2017 Annual General Meeting -
19/05/2017 Dividend Payment -
27/07/2017 Publication Half-yearly Financial Report -

Recent Report *

Period Title Download Size Remark Remark
01/07/2016 till 30/09/2016 Q3 statement / Q3 financial report PDF 1.789 KB - -

IPO Company Data

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