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12/05/2017 11:52:06
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Börse Frankfurt News

New ETCs: Energy and Metal Tracker Traded in USD

Eight new BNP Paribas ETCs covering metals and energy were launched on Xetra. They are optimized regarding roll-over costs and traded in US Dollar.
12 May 2017. FRANKFURT (Börse Frankfurt). BNP Paribas expands the product offering with eight new ETCs.

The new ETCs expand BNP Paribas' product range by giving investors access to the performance of futures contracts from the metals and energy sectors now also in the trading currency US dollars. The reference indices from the Rogers International Commodity Enhanced index family track the futures contracts with differing maturities in the following commodities: gasoline (petrol), precious and industrial metals, energy, natural gas, gas oil, heating oil and WTI oil.

They are tradable in US-Dollar and for this reason only available on Xetra.

The limited term of the futures contracts requires a switch prior to expiry in exchange for a futures contract with the next expiry date (rollover). Possible rollover losses are minimised through an optimised procedure for selecting futures contracts.

Deutsche Börse’s product range in its ETF and ETP segment currently comprises 1,147 ETFs, 232 ETCs and 132 ETNs. This selection, together with an average monthly trading volume of around €13 billion, makes Xetra Europe’s leading trading venue.

Xetra® and XTF® are registered trademarks of Deutsche Börse AG.

NameISIN Laufende Kosten
BNPP RICI Enhanced Industrial Metals TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RMU7 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Energy TR Index ETC DE000PR5REU4 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Gasoline TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5R0U0 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced WTI Crude Oil TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RWU6 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Natural Gas TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RGU9 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Gas Oil TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RDU6 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Metals TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RUM7 0,99%
BNPP RICI Enhanced Heating Oil TR Index USD ETC DE000PR5RHU7 0,99%


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