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02/06/2017 11:16:20
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Börse Frankfurt News

New Issue: Aroundtown Property Holdings plc lists in Prime Standard

Aroundtown Property Holdings ist listed at Börse Frankfurt now. Initial market cap was around 4 billion Euro.
2 June 2017. FRANKFURT (Deutsche Börse). Aroundtown Property Holdings plc (ISIN: CY0105562116) is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as of today. The shares were previously tradable in the Quotation Board, but the company has now decided to move its primary listing to Frankfurt. Quirin bank AG arranged the listing, while Berenberg, Oddo Seydler and M.M. Warburg act as designated sponsors for Xetra trading. Tradegate AG is the specialist on Börse Frankfurt.

Aroundtown Property Holdings plc is a specialised real estate company focused on income generated by properties with value creation potential, primarily in the German and Dutch real estate market. Aroundtown invests in commercial and residential properties with strong fundamentals and growth prospects. The residential portfolio holds a stake in Grand City Properties S.A. (GCP).

2 June 2017, © Deutsche Börse AG

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