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13/03/2017 12:15:05
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Deutsche Börse launches Scale All Share Index

The Scale All Share Index, based on the new segment of Deutsche Börse for small and medium-sized enterprises, has launched.
13 March 2017. Frankfurt (Börse Frankfurt). Deutsche Börse has added the Scale All Share Index to its index offering. The index tracks the performance of the recently launched Scale segment. As an All-Share index, the Scale index describes the overall performance of all companies listed in the Scale segment for shares. The segment was successfully launched on 1 March 2017 to facilitate the raising of capital and to provide access to investors for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Scale All Share Index is calculated in real time and available in euro as a price and performance index. All stocks in the index are equally weighted. The historical back-calculation extends back to 1 March 2017. The index started with a base value set at 1000 points. Inclusions and deletions of companies listed in the segment are reflected in the index with immediate effect.

Currently 37 equities and 10 corporate bonds are listed on the Scale segment. Admission requirements for the segment include meeting minimum standards in terms of key financial figures and cooperating with Deutsche Börse Capital Market Partners, who will confirm a company's suitability for the segment and monitor their post-IPO performance. Deutsche Börse will also commission and pay for mandatory research reports on entrants, which will be produced by Edison Investment Research and Morningstar. Scale is the successor to the Entry Standard for equities and corporate bonds. The corresponding Entry All-Share Index will be discontinued as of 20 March 2017.

13 March 2017, © Deutsche Börse AG

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