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We're expanding the stock exchange!


Deutsche Börse will expand the historic building in downtown Frankfurt, which houses the well-known trading floor and the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).  

A modern visitor and conference centre will be built in the heart of Frankfurt to continue the history at the famous Börsenplatz 4 in Frankfurt. 

The core of the expansion is a larger visitor center, which will make the stock exchange more lively, chic and tangible – an attractive place to go for information on stock exchange and trading topics.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our new Visitors Center from 2020 on. Until then, we will keep you up to date on our expansion blog.


20. February: Backstage impressions

In the course of the expansion, there are interim solutions behind the scenes. Several traders have temporarily moved from the upper trading hall into the Rentensaal (Bond Hall), which still bears the style of the previous century: wine-red barriers with monitors embedded on the outside, on which in former times the quotes of the securities were displayed in white and green on black - embedded in middle-brown wooden panels. Now the latest technology is once again coming into the old furniture, hence the cable clutter. Now the traders are called specialists, but around 10,000 foreign shares are still traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The stock exchange in the future


The expansion of the stock exchange has three core elements: the redesign of the visitor centre on a larger area for a significantly higher number of visitors, improved framework conditions for IPOs and Opening Bell events as well as a completely new public conference center.

14. February: Annual press conference

Today the annual press conference of Deutsche Börse is on the agenda. Over the past few years, the event, at which journalists ask the Executive Board questions about business development, has mostly taken place in –the conference room right next to our well-known trading floor. But today, as you can see on the photo, it's a construction site! Here, new areas are being created for the future Visitors Center, which will be much larger. In addition to the visitor gallery with a view of the trading hall, our guests will also be able to visit an interactive exhibition in the future. To make this possible, some walls were demolished and walls and scaffolds were erected. Reason for this: In future, the new experience world of the stock exchange will be accessible directly via a staircase in the lobby. Hope to see you there in early 2020!


Visitors Center

The Visitors Center will be closed during the reconstruction. On selected days, however, there are special guided tours and events. We will inform you about the events soon here.


12. February: A big green wall in the stock exchange?

Yes! You can see it when you look from the (currently closed) visitors’ gallery into the trading hall. Of course, this was different some days ago, normally you can look directly into the so-called Auslandsaktiensaal (trading hall for foreign shares). However, there was already a lot of work going on: The traders have temporarily moved to the bond trading hall. In order to avoid dust and noise wherever possible, a green protective wall was installed. When the constructions are finished, dealers will be sitting there again – and the ZDF television studio will move there. The TV colleagues are currently located in the offices above the well-known DAX board, but will change offices in the course of the year. 

5. February: Work begins!

The building permit has arrived, the construction site has been set up: Now we can start with our expansion of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange! Some preliminary work has already been done over the last few months, in addition to all the planning. And some traders and journalists have already moved into new offices.

In the first construction phase, an exclusive event area will be created behind the DAX board, the IPO scenario will become more attractive and our new, much larger Visitors Center is being built.

Now it's time to work hard – especially in the evenings, at night and during the weekends, so that traders and the media are not too strongly affected. Let's go!


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