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24/10/2017 05:47

  Last Price
Date / Time 24/10/2017 05:47
Open 16.1085 ZAR
Daily low 16.0845 ZAR
52 week Low 13.3773 ZAR
Change -0.01 ZAR / -0.06%
Previous Close 16.1099 ZAR
Daily high 16.1187 ZAR
52 week High 16.2646 ZAR

Euro - Südafrikanischer Rand (EUR - ZAR) - Price History

Date Close Open High Low
23.10.2017 16,1099 16,1217 16,1675 16,0487
20.10.2017 16,0761 16,0006 16,2132 16,0005
19.10.2017 15,9972 16,0122 16,0924 15,9575
18.10.2017 16,0108 15,7657 16,0222 15,7520
17.10.2017 15,7658 15,7195 15,8248 15,6483
16.10.2017 15,7191 15,6772 15,7553 15,6587
13.10.2017 15,6884 15,9494 15,9774 15,6671
12.10.2017 15,9495 16,0439 16,0622 15,8695
11.10.2017 16,0444 16,1815 16,1947 16,0122
10.10.2017 16,1814 16,2058 16,2452 16,0773
09.10.2017 16,2043 16,1566 16,2646 16,0745

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Name Change Last Price Date
1,1766 24.10.2017 05:47:00
1,1574 24.10.2017 01:10:00
133,3305 24.10.2017 05:47:00
0,8901 24.10.2017 05:47:00
9,4044 24.10.2017 05:47:00
1,5044 24.10.2017 05:47:00
1,6941 24.10.2017 05:47:00
4,3612 24.10.2017 05:47:00

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