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Deutsche Bank 2,500% 9/2022

Deutsche Bank 2,500% 9/2022

ISIN XS1489319258 | WKN A2BN78 | Type Bond
21/09/2017 09:45
Bid Ask
This product is subject to quotation restrictions.
Change from Prev. Day 0.17 / 0.16%
Spread absolute / relative 1,04 / 1,02%

Price Information

Last Price 101,63 %
Change from Prev. Day 0.17 / 0.16%
Date / Time 21.09.2017 / 09:45:52
Price 1
Volume -
Volume nominal -
High 101.630
Low 101.630
52 week High 102.355
52 week Low 93.775
Trading Hours 08:00 - 17:30*

Deutsche Bank 2,500% 9/2022 Tick Data (FSE)

No data available

Key Figures

Yield in % (last price) 2,1871
Yield in % (ask) 420,2763
Yield in % (bid) 2,1875
Flat notation -
Accrued Interest in % 0.00000
Accrued Interest days -
Duration in years 4.759
Modified Duration in years 4.657

Frankfurt Trading Parameters

Segment Open Market
Exchange Frankfurt
Continous Quotation -


Interest Rates

Coupon 2,5
First Annual Pay Date 20/09/2017
Interest Payment Count 1,0
Start Interest Payment 20/09/2016

Master Data

Name Deutsche Bank 2,500% 9/2022
ISIN XS1489319258
Symbol -
Type -
Market Segment Open Market
Transparency level -
Denomination Frankfurt 10,000
Issuer Deutsche Bank AG
Issue Date 20/09/2016
Issue Volume 500,000,000
Issued Volume -
Issue Currency NOK
First Trading Day 20/09/2016
Valutation Date -
Maturity 20/09/2022
Cancellation Type -
Extraordinary Cancellation -
Portfolio Currency -
Currency -
Subordinated no